Wednesday, September 5, 2007

well obviously!

Reports are out now that Nicole Richie was "pleasantly surprised" by her early release from jail on Thursday. Sources say that, because of the uproar over Paris not spending her entire sentence behind bars, Nicole was expecting to fulfill the entirety of her 96-hour sentence in the slammer, but was overjoyed that she was released a mere 82 minutes later. Nicole's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, made a statement Friday saying that “Nicole was aware that most people with sentences similar to hers are booked and released in a matter of hours and she was hoping to be treated like everyone else. Nevertheless, she was prepared to serve her entire four-day sentence had the Sheriff’s Department required her to do so. Of course, she was pleasantly surprised to be released so quickly." There's the "duh" statement of the day! I'm sure Paris is just fuming after hearing how brief Nicole's sentence was- obviously! Now a free woman again, Nic was spotted roaming the streets of LA in a grey dress (similar to Ecoganik's Lace Insert Dress in Stiletto and Laura Dahl's Tank Dress in Gunmetal) with a big black leather bag (like Aaneta's The Rock Large Bag in Black), black flip flops and her Chanel shades. Maybe those stiletto Christian Louboutins have finally become too much to handle for this soon-to-be momma! My big question is- is Nic having a girl or a boy??


Nicole Richie seen in Los Angeles, Ca on Aug 20 2007.

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