Thursday, September 6, 2007

Kate Moss Returns for Topshop

Kate Moss is back with a second collection for Topshop, silencing her critics with a far more fashion-focussed style, writes Hilary Alexander

The gainsayers said it wouldn’t last. But the love-troubled supermodel, Kate Moss, has proved that in fashion terms, at least, she can stay the course.

Back for good? Kate Moss is set to reveal her second range for Topshop
Her second collection for Topshop, due in 300 stores nationwide and online next Friday (September 7th), looks set to be a winner. Unlike the first collection for spring/summer, which came in for some criticism for being too much of a steal from the model’s own wardrobe, the collection for autumn/winter is more fashion-focussed and has, not unsurprisingly, given her fondness for a night out, a higher share of party-wear.

It is, still imbued with the unmistakable Kate Moss ‘Style I.D.’, but is loosely subdivided into a series of fashion stories.

There is a punk-meets-rock ‘n’ roll section which includes ‘destroyed’ sweater-dresses decorated with rips like the ladders in a pair of tights, short dresses with studded leather collars, chiffon ‘pirate’ shirts and a ‘stadium gig’ T-shirt stamped with Kate’s face.

The evening wear has a retro feel and includes extremely high-quality beaded ‘flapper’ dresses, pleated chiffon baby-dolls and butterfly-sequinned mini-dresses.

The tailoring is inspired by the 1970’s, circa Ali McGraw in ‘Love Story, and includes long, striped, ‘college’ scarves and sweaters with bird’s eye tweed ‘bags’ with turn-ups or fit-and-flare jeans.

There is also a super-sexy maxi-dress in black, wet-look stretch, a thrift-shop look short dress in a miniature clover-print and preppy, ‘Ivy League’ cashmere-mix vests and cardigans with stiff-collared, striped shirts.

Kate is said to have wanted to provide a few fashion-clues, but mainly to give shoppers the raw ingredients to create their own style in the way she does.

The collection is priced between £12 for a basic cotton-jersey vest in black or white up to a top-price of £150 for a quilted, shrunken, biker-style bomber jacket in deep-green or black washed leather, at £150.

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