Saturday, September 1, 2007

Do You Need a New Look?

Has it been a while since you've updated your look? Find out if it's time to give your usual brands and hairstyle a rest and try something new. Just answer a few questions and be on your way to a new you with this quiz.

Take this fun quiz and see if your look could use an update. Choose just one answer for each question.

Which of the following best describes your style?
Strictly a casual and classic type of gal. 3
Don’t have a real style; wardrobe has accumulated haphazardly over the years. 1

Hard to define: sometimes you like trends, sometimes you reach for jeans. 2

Your last new hair style was:
Within the last 6 months. 3
Within the past 2 years. 2
Within the past 5 years. 1

Your approach to makeup:
Change colors with the season. 3
Stick with tried-and-true colors and application; rarely try new colors or brands. 2

Minimal, you wear little or no makeup. 1

When you see old friends what do they say?
“You look just like you did in high school!" 2
“You’ve changed so much!” 3

They don’t comment on your looks at all. 1

The last time you chose a new frame for your prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses was:
Last year, when you updated your prescription. 3
Never. 1

Within the past 5 years. 2

Which one of the following was the last time you bought into a popular trend?
Stirrup pants. 3
Ponchos. 2

Capris. 1

How often do feel confident and pulled-together about your appearance?
Occasionally. 3
Often. 2

Almost never. 1

You buy clothes:
At the end of the season when they are deeply discounted. 2
Hardly ever. 1
At the beginning or middle of a season so you get lots of wear out of them. 3

Your shoes:
Change with each outfit. 3
Work for you, so you rarely change styles. 2

Are unimportant to your look. 1

Why do you avoid updating your look?
It’s too complicated: I don’t know where to start and I’m worried about the time and money it will take. 2
I think I look fine the way I am. 3
I have better things to worry about than how I look. 1

Quiz Result:

Choose the number 3 more than other number

No, your look is already updated!

Your style may be already updated, but make it even better with these tips:
Trends are great, but there is too much of a good thing. Make sure you know how to avoid being a fashion victim.
Remember that updated today is outdated tomorrow (or at least by next season). Learn how to tell when a trend is over.
Even the terminally chic take a wrong turn on some trends. Find 5 things a grown woman should never wear.

Chose the number 2 more than other number

Yes, you could use a few updates!

Your basic style is fine, but it wouldn't hurt to update a bit. Here's how:
Stay on top of the latest trends
Read about beauty and hair trends to choose updated looks.
Learn about the benefits of dressing sexier and younger.

Chose the number 1 more than other number

Yes, you do need a new look!

Don't get overwhelmed with making yourself over. Take it a little at a time -- hair one month, makeup the next, then clothes and shoes. Here are more tips to help you get a brand new look:
Take a free e-course that has easy DIY Makeover tips.
Stay on top of the latest trends
Learn how to avoid 5 Fashion Mistakes.
Find out how to shop smarter and save money.

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