Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens @ The Tyra Banks Show

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens gave quite the interesting interview on Monday’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show.

Tyra threw Vanessa a faux prom because V never got the chance to attend her high school prom. Vanessa also burst into song a couple times throughout the show. Watch the video below! Here are some highlights:

So when you [and Zac Efron] are singing the songs “I LOVE YOU” and stuff, you guys were falling in love on set? I guess! [giggles] It’s fun to work with him. He’s really sweet and singing all of songs is always a blast.

Is Zac Efron a good kisser on-screen? (tight-lipped) Mmmmmm. (Tyra responds, “Oh, it’s that good? Mmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!”)

What is your ethnic background? My mom’s Filipino, my dad’s Caucasian. But within that, I’m Chinese, Spanish, American-Indian and Irish.

Best part about being famous? THE FREE STUFF.

When you read about young stars like Britney and Lindsay and them getting in trouble, how does that affect you personally? I honestly just think it’s stupid. [laughs] It’s easy to stay out of those situations. You just have to be smart about your decisions.

LOL it’s ironic she’s talking about how other young stars need to make smart decisions. . . i’m not saying V is at the same level as those hollywood bad girls just for a couple of nude photos, but is she really in any position to judge?
Too bad this show was taped before the nude photots came out.. I wonder when she will have the first interview?? lololo

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