Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween's coming...have you planned your costume yet?

When you look for Halloween costumes you wonder why there are very few Halloween stores? When you find a store, it is usually full of people and there is a small picked over selection of products. This year you can avoid this: be smart, see the following suggestion and shop early.

To find a unique costume for Halloween you have to visit an online Halloween shop. It is a good way to find large variety of costumes, jewelry, decorations, make-up, accessories, party supplies, tapes and even a pumpkin carving patterns for your home. Shopping for Halloween online is becoming very popular.

In an online shop you can find quality and nice costumes for every age and size. French maid costumes, different funny costumes, clown costumes, pirate costumes, devil and vampire costumes, nurse costumes, costumes featuring like historical and cultural characters, cowboy costumes and many, many other.

It is nice that these stores can be used not only for Halloween, but also for another holidays. In an online shop you can find costumes for birthdays, school plays, sporting events, anniversaries and for all the different holidays on the Calendar.

It is very important and strongly recommended that you look at the sizing chart of the particular item before buying because each manufacture makes costumes differently.

This year adds to the old standards of slutty nurse, slutty catwoman, and slutty police officer with slutty eating disorder by introducing the “Anna Rexia” costume. We doubt they grasp the irony of stuffing a busty model into a costume that invokes anorexia nervosa much less the idea that this costume whips up more female body issues than every season of Baywatch combined. But they are an equal opportunity offender. The get up is available in a plus size just in case big-boned chicks want to get in on the screw-with-the-mentally-afflicted Halloween action.

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